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Pee Wee Football FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions

What ages are eligible to play Flag/Tackle Football?

Tackle: Ages 8-14 

Flag: 2nd-9th Grade

When can I register?
Tackle is open now.  Flag TBD

When is the deadline to register?
TBD for Tackle and no firm deadline currently for Flag.  

How much does it cost to register?
Tackle Football - $20
Flag Football - $175 

Is my registration fee refundable?
You can cancel your child’s registration for a full refund up to two weeks after practices start. 

What do the fees go towards?
Insurance, game sites, facilities, equipment, referees and administration fees.

How do I register?
Tackle Football Registration - Open Now
Flag Football Registration - Coming Soon

Please feel free to contact or with any registration questions or concerns.

If my child has never played football before, what football program do you suggest they join?
That is up to the child and parent. We have had kids who started with tackle and kids who started with flag football. We also have kids who have only played flag football or only tackle football.  Prior experience is not a prerequisite for either flag or tackle.  Our tackle coaches are certified in “Heads up Tackle” and teach the fundamentals of proper, safe tackling as well as other football techniques.  Learning the proper techniques at a young age will help them play safer as they grow into the older programs.  Feel free to contact BIFJA President Shawn O’Neill to have a more in-depth discussion about what might be the best fit for your child.  If you want to hear from other parents on this topic, read our testimonials.

What are the requirements to coach?
- Coaches Certification/Training/Heads up tackle
- Concussion training
- Background check
- Coaches must also take on the responsibility of scheduling practices for their teams. 

When do practices start?
Tackle TBD
Flag TBD

When and where are practices? 

Tackle practices are typically two hours long and are held three times a week at Strawberry field.  Tackle practices typically start at 5:30pm and conclude at 7:30pm. 

Flag practices are typically held once a week and generally run for about an hour.  Location and start times can vary team to team but most practices are held at Strawberry field.

When are games played?
Flag football games are normally played on Friday afternoons and Sunday at various times. Tackle football games are normally played on Saturdays.

How many games will teams play during season?
The tackle regular season is typically 8 games. Depending on if our teams make the playoffs, we could potentially play more. Flag teams typically play roughly 15 games.

When does the season end?*
The last game for tackle football is typically the end of October
The last game for flag football is typically in mid-November.
*Season end dates may vary if the teams play in the post season (playoffs)

How long are the games?
Tackle football has four eight minute quarters with a 12 minute half-time. Teams must arrive 1 hour prior to game start, so you should account for 2 hours per game. Flag football games are approximately 50 minutes long.  

What equipment do I need to buy my child?
Tackle Football: You will be required to supply your child with mouth guard with helmet strap, practice pants, girdle with cup and cleats.
Flag Football: You will be required to supply your child with mouth guard, runners or cleats & pocket-less shorts. Bainbridge Football supplies team equipment and jerseys.

Do games still play if it is raining or there is an expected thunderstorm?
Yes. Referees will make the decision to call a game at the field site if weather becomes hazardous.

Is there a medical doctor or trainer at games or practices?
Yes. We are fortunate to have both a medical doctor, as part of our Board of Directors (Alex Kallas), as well as the use of an athletic trainer. We ensure that one or both of these individuals are at every home game we play.  Dr. Kallas is also often coaching and at practices.

Where are games held?
Flag Football - All flag football games will be held on Bainbridge Island.

Tackle Football - Bainbridge Island is part of the Greater Eastside Junior Football Association (GEJFA), and games are located on Bainbridge Island or greater Seattle.  To learn more about GEFJA please click HERE